Audi a4 wheel bearing replacement cost

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  • Results 1 - 40 of 86 Get the exact price for a Rear Wheel Bearing (one) Replacement on your Audi A4 using our free quote engine. We use industry data to pull.

    I need to replace my wheel bearing, i started to get a bit of a drone coming from the front drivers side wheel Mario Active Member Audi A4 quattro TDi S tronic S -line owners group Manual That quote is just a realistic cost.

    Audi A4 Wheel bearings are what allows your wheels to keep turning smoothly. The have an extremely tough job to do and over time they will eventually start to.

    Looking for a garage you can trust? I insisted on FAG bearing. An Audi garage there quoted me euros lol. Your car's wheels are mounted upon a wheel hub, making it an incredibly important part. Franchise dealerships operate under a dealer agreement with a vehicle manufacturer.

    Audi A4 Rear Wheel Bearing (one) Replacement | ClickMechanic

    MagpieMatt Aug 1, Log in or Sign up. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. How much is a good price fitted? Anyone recommend any brand or websites to get one from? Difficult to do yourself? Im a engineer but never done this before lol Thanks Matt. MagpieMatt , Aug 1, So they are charging you 2. That is for just the bearing assembly, the hub will need to be pressed out of the old one and into the new one.

    Depending on the age of the car cars are 9 years old now the bearing assembly could be seized into the knuckle, requiring lots of swearing for many hours with hand tools or a few quick minutes with air tools in a garage. This is on the assumption you have zero tools and equipment already, to you may not need half of that stuff if you already have it. However my point is, if you've never done it, it will not go easy. I would say the garage prices are fair for the work.

    Not a rip off but not super cheap "too good to be true" prices either. That quote is just a realistic cost. However if you want to do it, watch some YouTube videos first to get a good idea as to what is involved and parts can be had from CarParts4Less.

    Mario , Aug 1, Done both my fronts now, avant and I would agree with All of the above, and it saved me writing all that out. Don't buy cheap replacements either or you will likely be doing it all again soon! I did read somewhere that the oe bearings were made by FAG but I'm not sure, I'm sure someone will know. Ginge , Aug 1, Should be noted even the pros can screw it up. Had the rear wheel bearing done on my old A4 2.

    I insisted on FAG bearing. Within a month the same corner was creating a tell-tale drone at 40mph. To be fair they took it back and refitted a replacement bearing. When the new bearing is pressed in it can be damaged if they're not careful, using wrong press cup for example or it's pressed in at an angle. Or pressed in at an angle with a hammer. I do pretty much everything on my car but took it to an Indy to get the bearing done because the bearing is a real pig to get out of the carrier.

    I ordered an SNR item from carparts4less as it worked out cheaper than what the indie were quoting for the part and they sent an FAG bearing instead. I might just give it a bash myself to be fair, i should have all the tools at work, I'm sure some of the old timers can bail me out if i get in a sticky situation lol, ill do a lot more research online and get familiar with the process first.

    Thanks for the help everyone! MagpieMatt if you fancy doing it yourself give this video a watch. One of the easiest wheel bearings I've done is the B8.

    The hub is stepped so getting it out of the old bearing takes much less time. I think from being on all 4 wheels to being back on all 4 wheels was less than an hour without a press. Done 30k since and all seems well.

    Mine went whilst i was on holiday in Italy last year. An Audi garage there quoted me euros lol. AudiLeon , Aug 2, That video make it look straight forward.

    DIY wheel bearing replacement: Audi A4

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