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  • * Front-wheel drive Audi Q3 SUV * CO2 g/km; mpg * Priced from 24,; on-sale now The TDI is the only front-wheel-drive Q3, so is easily the cheapest model in the range to run. At 24, the TDI SE is also the cheapest Q3 to buy, while the S line model.

    Audi Q3 car review. With roughly a quarter of all new vehicles sold in New Zealand year to date being SUV's and around 60% of.

    Ewan Kennedy road tests and reviews the Audi Q3 TDI quattro S Tronic with specs, fuel economy and verdict.

    All the Q3s cabin plastics are of a decent quality, while the switchgear is also comfortingly weighty and precise. The Q3 is rated for towing braked trailers up to 2,kg and kg unbraked. A quarter mile duration revisit of the A5 Sportback the other day sorry; it was all I could stomach , allegedly re-fettled after the gentle roasting the ride quality received at launch, suggests that whoever eased off on the springs and dampers tightened everything right back up the moment no one was looking. In this case, the new constitutes little save — admittedly beautifully detailed - surround strip lighting to the front door loudspeakers and, erm, the centre console cupholders. Passengers will have fewer complaints.

    The Clarkson review: Audi Q3 TDI quattro SE S tronic ()

    We see this a lot in politics. I actually went back and watched the moment again. But there was no mistaking it. This man — an MP with a first-class degree from Cambridge — had obviously been to a meeting where other sentient beings had convinced him to use words that no one else understands.

    Then there was the war in Iraq. Wise, clear-thinking people had access to all the information that the satellites could provide. And yet still they made a decision that was idiotic and wrong.

    A few years ago Coca-Cola did the same thing, albeit with less important ramifications, when it decided to make Coke taste like a used swab. BA did it with its tailfins. Philips pioneered the laserdisc. Clive Sinclair decided to put his all into an electric slipper. John Prescott invented the M4 bus lane. The San Francisco Chronicle turned down the syndication of the Watergate story, saying it would only interest people on the east coast.

    And Top Gear made a film about an art gallery in Middlesbrough. I brought it up in a meeting and instead of getting insects to lay eggs in my hair, the production team nodded sagely.

    Of course, the motoring world is rammed with more mistakes than almost any other industry. Daimler really thought it could compete with the Rolls-Royce Phantom by putting some cherry wood in a Mercedes S-class and calling it a Maybach. I could go on, so I will. Austin made a car that was more aerodynamic going backwards than forwards, Ford made a car that blew up if a leaf landed on it and Lancia made a car from Russian steel that was as long-lasting as fruit.

    And only recently Volkswagen was going to call its new car the Black Up!. No one else will have thought of making such a thing. And they were right. Because if they had, they would have made damn sure their new car was better than all the others.

    What kind of hallucinogenic drug were they taking at the meeting where everyone agreed that this was a good idea? Further forward, we find the rear seat, which is wide enough for three people but only if they have casters rather than legs. And then up front, at the business end, we find nothing at all, apart from some heater controls that have been designed to be annoying.

    All I can say is that the engine is rather good. I had the more powerful diesel option that had lots of oomph and the thirst of a bee. It sounded nice, too, in a gravelly, smoky, bluesy kind of way. You turn the key.

    This causes a bit of swearing. Mind you, for cluelessness, the gearbox is worse. For no discernible reason. In theory, this fuel-saving measure sounds like a good idea.

    2013 Audi Q3 review - What Car?

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