1997 volvo s80

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  • According to the official website, you should buy the new Volvo S80 RWD platform (ended in ) and their FWD /S70/V70 (ended in.

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    FACT! Volvo is a Swedish automotive company. The name of the concern comes from the Latin language "Volv" and translates as "spinning", "rolling".

    Volvo vs Volvo S compare price, expert/user reviews, mpg, engines, safety, cargo capacity and other specs. Compare Volvo GLT Turbo.

    If you love smooth rides, the S80 would suit you. Even worse, the Swedish brand has at least partially surrendered the field. Here are our listings for all model years of the Volvo S Now, I will admit that many Volvo owners meet the parameters of closet socialists or not so closeted.

    Volvo S80 - Wikipedia

    Safety legislation is killing Volvo. New rules and test procedures have virtually leveled the playing field, to the point where Volkswagen sells crash protection as credibly as Thor's mob. Even worse, the Swedish brand has at least partially surrendered the field. Sure, their cars still come laden with the latest safety-oriented gizmos and boast the best construction techniques, but the focus has shifted. While both marques get full marks for top notch materials deployed with studied minimalism, Sweden pulls ahead with gloved user-friendly interfaces.

    She'll jog to sixty in a more-than-merely-adequate but hardly spritely eight seconds. The same Yamaha-sourced 4. Even with almost a thousand pounds less to drag around, the S80 V8 scoots to 60 only slightly faster than the SUV— but a full 1. Whereas drivers of the base model are stuck in permanent plush mode, V8 owners select from Comfort, Sport and Advanced.

    At best, the S80 is quick and controllable. The S80 has two unique safety selling points. When another car is closer and it doesn't appear, the computer illuminates warning lights mounted next to the side mirrors.

    The second system consists of a forward facing radar system that computes the closing rate to objects ahead. If it reckons you're about to test your insurance compay's coverage, it sounds an audible warning and flashes a bright band across the windshield unlike Mercedes' effort.

    It's a terrific unique selling point— buried under the general heading of Adaptive Cruise Control. Clearly, the S80 remains a Volvo in the traditional sense. Whether the ever-smaller extra safety margin is worth sacrificing power, handling, price and let's face it, snob value, remains an open question.

    This looks like a nice car. Just this week my wife asked me if a Volvo was as good as a comparable Mercedes. There will never be an Audi in my garage. But from that age I remember the Volvo S fondly. I tested the S80 in Sweden several months ago. I particularly liked the collision avoidance system because the moron in a Ford Expedition who drove into the back of our Boxster a year ago at 50 mph while fussing with the kids in the back seat might have been alerted a millisecond sooner and maybe even slowed to 40 or even 30… I don't know how solid all those other "safe" cars are, but Volvo crashed an S80 into a ton concrete block at 40 mph while I watched.

    Went up to it a moment afterward and was able to open all four doors quite normally. As an EMS volunteer who gets to go to car crashes on a weekly basis, I can tell you we normally need hydraulic rams to open anything from the hood to the trunk.

    I keep hearing about these top quality interior materials that audi uses. Lexus can get away with sharing parts with Toyota, including engines and even platforms, because the essense of a Lexus boils down to a dealership experience, b high level of comfort features and c consistent lack of defects itself a Toyota hallmark. Volvo however, is stuck in a pickle. So what makes a Volvo unique? Volvo apparently takes safety more seriously than the corporate mothership — the XC90 designed around the time of the Ford takeover and has extra-strong roof pillars to avoid head injury in a rollover.

    Ford quickly moved to have them quashed. Because of this, my wife absolutely refuses to be seen behind the wheel of one.

    1999 Volvo S80 T6 Transmission fluid, filter,gasket change.

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