Tesla model s 1/4 mile time

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  • Watch Tesla’s Model X set a new quarter-mile record, becoming the world’s fastest SUV – BGR
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  • The #1 resource for Tesla & quarter mile times offering a comprehensive index of Tesla electric car specs including Tesla Roadster, Model S P85, Model X .

    Video: Tesla Model 3 Performance 1/4 mile AWD so the M3P is just s slower despite having a mph time that is several tenths slower.

    This Model S is completely stripped out inside, meaning less weight to move around and even quicker quarter-mile times.

    The bigger the battery is, the more cells you have and the more amp you can pull from them. It's worth noting that maximum acceleration in a performance Tesla requires a fully-charged battery, so the cars that were dragged likely couldn't have knocked off those same times all day. Consumer Reports ranks Tesla Autopilot second Funny how of the 21 races pictured only 7 feature a Model S up against another four door sedan and 3 of those are other Teslas.

    Model 3 Performance s 1/4 mile time | Tesla Motors Club

    The challenger, a Dodge Challenger Hellcat, has a 6. No word on what happened to the big V8. Racing , Tesla Tags: So, most cars are specially prepared for these dragraces. That will be some ! The battery is what makes the power, not the motors. No, the battery is equivalent to the fuel supply. No point running on a full tank if you only need 5 gallons.

    However, there will be slightly more power available with an EV with a larger battery. The energy in a fossil fuel vehicle is stored in the gas tank. The energy in an EV is stored in the battery. The energy in a fossil fuel vehicle is converted from chemical to kinetic energy in the engine.

    The energy in an electric car is converted from electrical energy to kinetic energy in the motor. The are packed into modules of which only 1 module is used at a time. And yes, 1 module is plenty strong to power the EV. It not only stores the power, but it also determines how quickly the power can be extracted. In this case more battery can make more electrical power.

    This might not work. The size of the battery limits the max power. If your Battery size gets smaller, the max power gets smaller. The leaf battery has a better c-rate as the model s. Therefore if you had a leaf battery with 85 kWh size, the battery would allow charging at kWh. What you could do is use a different type of battery, maybe li-titant batteries. So for the kw of the MS85D you would need only. Whereas the model s has around kg lb? When it comes to acceleration to 60mph.

    Tesla is sending everybody back to the drawing board, including Mercedes, BMW and Porsche neither of which currently have an answer to this car. It would be interesting to start comparing the 0 to mph times of the P85D to other four door performance sedans. So up to them to join the bandwagon or not. BMW is already back to the drawing board to produce a 4wd M5 and M6.

    Unfortunately for them the added weight and complexity will only hurt effiency. Imagine what the next iteration of the Roadster could be capable of doing. If I remeber the correct rule of thumb, every lbs saved is equivalent to. Other than charge time, there will be nothing that critics can claim as an advantage for an ICE. By the time the next Roadster comes around maybe? Before new Roadster, there will come Tesla Model 3 P85D that should go below three seconds in insane mode.

    It would have been so cool to see the 2 cars going neck to neck with the Tesla slowly gaining the lead. Actually, it would be the other way around with a well driven Hellcat. The best that the TFL guys can do is 5.

    With an expert driver it hits 4. Needless to say an average driver in a P85D will always smoke a Hellcat off the line. Another advantage of the electric drive… No one has to be an expert to squeeze the power from an EV! To me, ICE drivers are looking more and more like old-timey stream locomotive engineers, needing both hands and feet to operate several levers and valves, all of which need to be pulled, pushed, and twisted at any given time to keep things operating smoothly.

    All while their machine belches plumes of smoke behind it. Your plumes of smoke argument is ridiculous. As impressive and innovative Tesla is making its S class car.

    Gutted Tesla P100D Sets NEW Quarter Mile Record Drag Racing!

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