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  • Tesla cars regularly receive over-the-air software updates that add new features and enhance existing functionality via Wi-Fi. When an update is available, you.

    11 hours ago CEO Elon Musk promised earlier this year that Tesla would start unlocking The new software update also adds new navigation features, with.

    Screenshot, pictures and reviews on the latest firmware updates for the Tesla Tesla's highly-anticipated Software Version 9 update has begun rolling out to the .

    Bokonon , Sep 26, SoFlaModel3 , Feb 15, Are there any phones that work well? How do I troubleshoot issues with keyless entry after a software update? Auto Climate Control oddities, customization?

    Elon Musk posts update on Tesla's Software Version 9 release date

    Tesla has updated the pricing structure for its Supercharger network, including terms for its existing idle fee policy. Supercharger idle fees, first introduced in late as a means to deter vehicle owners from occupying a charging stall when the vehicle has already met its intended state of charge, have been updated to further encourage owners to move their vehicles from stalls and improve the Supercharging experience for all drivers.

    Tesla notes in its Supercharger FAQ that drivers will be granted a 5-minute grace period during which time a fee will not be incurred. Once this grace period passes, the driver will be charged for the 5-minutes and each additional minute after that.

    Additionally, Tesla has begun to roll out an over-the-air software update not Version 9 that will include a new in-car payment feature. The new functionality will provide Model S, Model X, and Model 3 owners who leverage pay-per-use Supercharging with the ability to pay from within their vehicle, by inputting credit card information directly into the center touchscreen.

    The feature will also enable drivers to pay for any incurred idle fees. Supercharger access will instantly re-enable once the balance is paid. Tesla will also have the ability to grant Supercharger access to a vehicle, remotely, in the event of an emergency. When the Silicon Valley-based electric carmaker first created its Supercharger network, the intention was to make long-distance travel an enjoyable and seamless experience for all drivers.

    But as Supercharger abuse became more rampant, combined with a massive increase in the number of Model S, Model X and Model 3 on the roads, being able to institute some sort of Supercharger fair-use enforcement policy became desperately needed.

    Calling all Tesla Supercharger abusers: As has always been the case, our Supercharging and associated fees charged on the network are not meant to be a profit center for Tesla, and we hope to never need to bill for idle fees. Also, hybrids are a total waste Do you like your batteries over easy, fried or Porsched? Also, hybrids are a total waste of time, mo Not canceled, not ended, not terminated, but "retired" free Supercharging. Model 3 Tesla updates Supercharger pricing structure, rolls out in-car payment feature.

    In-car Payment Additionally, Tesla has begun to roll out an over-the-air software update not Version 9 that will include a new in-car payment feature.

    Go Solar and eliminate your energy bills. Get a custom solar cost estimate for your home or business from our affiliate partner. Model 3 Sort By Top rated Newest. I suggest that even "free for life" people not be given free access to supercharger that may be close to where they live. Probably only did it twice since moving here 5 months again after I had my wall connector installed. Stations where cars could plug in, unplug and shuffle to another parking spot by themselves would be nice.

    Because that would be an enormous fee increase. I don't know if this will scale smoothly i. Agreed and that's why I've always advocated that "free for life" be rescinded. It can be rescinded at will by Tesla since no sales contract has ever stated that the owner had such a right.

    Tesla Software Update Version 9 leak

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