Bugatti veyron under the hood

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  • Why the Bugatti Veyron is the most expensive car to own in the world – BGR
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  • It may look like a $million Bugatti Veyron - but this luxury sports car can be under the hood developing 1,bhp, with the Cougar-Veyron.

    Find out just what the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport can do. powerful engine, it would take up too much space under the hood so VW designed.

    Speed freaks are in for a treat with the newest version of the Bugatti Veyron: – additional – horsepower. This means the Grand Sport.

    Share or comment on this article: A liter V-8 engine would be very large. They had to fit staggered rims, be rated for speeds above mph, handle 1. Mike, from Florida, said: Chef is suspended after Thomas Cook holidaymakers saw him

    Last Bugatti Veyron SS Ever Made Looking For A New Owner - CarBuzz

    In this article, we will take an in-depth look at this amazing automobile and see how it is possible to fit so much performance into a single machine. It all starts with the engine The Bugatti Veyron is a car built around an engine.

    Essentially, Bugatti made the decision to blow the doors off the supercar world by creating a 1,horsepower engine. Everything else follows from that resolution.

    So let's start with the engine. How would you begin the design process for an engine this powerful? If you have read How Car Engines Work , you know that if you want to create a 1,horsepower engine, it has to be able to burn enough gasoline to generate 1, horsepower.

    That works out to about 1. We need a liter engine to burn 1. That actually makes sense -- the engine in the Dodge Viper is 8. But there's a problem: A liter V-8 engine would be very large. And the pistons would be massive, so there would be no way it could turn at 6, rotations per minute rpm. It might turn at a maximum of 2, rpm, meaning that you would need an immense liter engine to generate 1, hp.

    Clearly an engine that big is impossible in a passenger car. How much does it cost to lease a Lamborghini? How long does it take to build a Ferrari? Top 10 Speeds Clocked on the Autobahn.

    How the Bugatti Veyron Works. Exotic Cars Welcome to the height of high-performance: The Bugatti Veyron is a million dollar supercar. See more exotic car pictures. The car with the most horsepower? The car with the fastest top speed and acceleration? The most expensive car? Related Content " ".

    2018 Bugatti Veyron luxury details, exterior, interior, engine

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