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  • The Renault Alliance is a front-wheel drive, front-engine subcompact automobile manufactured and marketed in North America by American Motors Corporation.

    It also marked the end of the American Motors Corporation. In December of , it found its savior in the form of Renault, which was owned.

    The list below includes a variety of passenger cars released by AMC, including those under the names Nash, Hudson, Rambler, and Renault. AMC has been.

    Some of these vehicles made by American Motors are among the most famous and popular models in history, like the AMC Gremlin. Matador, new Javelin Javelin was re-engineered and was longer, on a longer wheelbase, and wider; numerous cosmetic changes were made, and the AMX was dropped, with the name switching to the top trim line of the Javelin. In addition to the sedan, the Alliance was now offered as a convertible for AMC's first of this body type since the Rebel. Although Chrysler introduced new logos for its brands in the s and again in after the Fiat Group took control of the company, Jeep still uses the AMC-era logo introduced shortly after AMC's purchase of the brand in

    Renault Alliance - Wikipedia

    Initially available in two- and four-door sedan configurations, three- and five-door hatchback variants marketed as the Renault Encore became available in , and a convertible in A total of , vehicles were manufactured in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Production was discontinued after Chrysler 's acquisition of AMC in Competition from the " Big Three ," the rise of Asian import automobiles, new safety regulations, the oil crisis , and energy crisis left American Motors in a weak position in the U.

    The company had three product lines: By the end of , Renault held a controlling interest of AMC. With the United States dollar then relatively weak against the French franc , manufacturing in the U. The two automakers worked closely as each design studio developed spin-offs of cars created by the other.

    Renault executives came in to run things alongside AMC officials, and the venerable factory in Kenosha, Wisconsin was retooled to produce an Americanized version of the Renault 9 subcompact under the "Alliance" nameplate. Production began in , making Renault the second European automaker to build cars in the U. The cars were aimed at the lowest price range in the U.

    The Alliance was launched into the U. The Alliance was a front-drive sedan with a It was a sensible car for a post-oil crisis period in which good fuel economy was highly prized. Cars sold in states came with a Renix throttle-body fuel injection, while California emissions standards required the use of multi port injection. Power went through either a four-or five-speed manual , or a three-speed automatic transaxle.

    The suspension system was fully independent via MacPherson struts in front, while the rear had a compact and ingenious system of transverse torsion bars and trailing arms. The Alliance was slightly smaller on the outside than the competing first-generation Ford Escort North America , but it was somewhat bigger on the inside where it looked larger and more inviting.

    The Alliance sold well with over , of the debut models. Sales were limited by the availability of only two body styles. American Motors introduced a companion model called Encore featuring a hatchback in both two- and four-door versions. The new derivatives featured a redesigned rear end and were 3. Bolstered by the additional two- and four-door hatchback models, sales increased to over , for However, the new Encores were introduced just in time to encounter a sag in the small-car market because as fuel prices fell, consumers began to drift away to larger automobiles, leaving the Renault-based models to scramble against low-priced Chevrolet Chevettes and their Pontiac cousins , Ford Escorts and their Mercury Lynx cousins , the Dodge Omni and Plymouth Horizon twins, as well as a slew of Japanese imports.

    Designed to be either gasoline or diesel, the new five main bearing engine was torture tested to higher levels than normal to be "the strongest Four in the industry. In addition to the sedan, the Alliance was now offered as a convertible for AMC's first of this body type since the Rebel. By , the U. Improving economic conditions and lower gasoline prices meant total sales dropped to 65, in American Motors had already stopped production of the Concord and Spirit in the four-wheel drive AMC Eagle continued to be built , while the larger Medallion to replace the Renault 18 was not going to be ready until The automaker offered zero-interest financing on the Alliance and Encore models in the fall of The remainder of the Alliance line was carried over, but the two Encore hatchback body variants were renamed the Alliance Hatchback.

    The focus of Chrysler's acquisition was on the highly profitable Jeep vehicles and the brand-new Brampton Assembly plant that was just built in Ontario, Canada.

    Alliance production at the Kenosha plant closed out as of Friday, June 5, With AMC's acquisition, Chrysler saw itself "saddled with a largely unsuccessful assortment of cars" including imports from Renault. The final year saw about 35, Alliances sold in The GTA was available in 2-door sedan or convertible versions, with a single powerplant: Driving performance of the vehicle included a The GTA used the same uni-body as the two-door Alliances, but was distinctive to the other models.

    Building the AMC Jeep XJ & Renault Alliance - Vintage Factory Footage

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