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  • APURUGBY.CLUB?part= No e36 iS (M42/ M44) came with an LSD as standard, it is an extremely rare.

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    Dec 27, The E36 generation BMW is, considered a poor man's M3, is a bargain entry into the world of modern classic motoring.

    Both are dull to the point of being funereal in their dated interior decor; seat cloth is of check pattern in the BMW, striped in the Golf, but there was little else in the test cars to relieve unremitting dark plastic trim. Folding rear seats and a hatchback tail make the VW a more versatile carrier than the BMW saloon, of course, though for four-up motoring, the BMW's boot - wide, flat-floored and extending well forward -is bigger than the Golf's. Swapping cars at Millbrook for the top-speed runs highlighted two important advantages the iS enjoys over the Golf: I like the combination of the compact size, good performance and handling, and that they are more sports sedan than an impractical and extrovert sports car. The only external changes are full colour-coding and unique spoke alloys.

    BMW is Reviews and Owner Comments

    Terms and Conditions Posting Rules. Latest News The real-life Forza Horizon festival. Shed of the Week: Latest Features The real-life Forza Horizon festival. Lancia Delta HF Integrale: PH Used Buying Guide. Latest Reviews Kawasaki H2: Browse cars for sale. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 BMW e36 is - opinion?

    Prev of 2 2 Next. GTWayne Original Poster 4, posts months. Maybe should have done a little research before I bought the car but you have to strike whilst the iron is hot and I have it now. Might be at Goodwood next Friday so I will let you know. Birdthom posts months.

    I've got a 4-door e36 is which I use everyday - I picked it up as a cheap runaround and I actually really like it - it's surprisingly good and handles nicely. I'll probably use it for the odd track day when I want to take passengers out I have an e30 track car but that only has 1 seat. I think the key is not to get carried away - it's quite a good fun little road car but its never going to be a brilliant or fast track car as it's heavy and underpowered.

    You could spend a LOT of money trying to turn it into a track car and still end up with a car which isn't that quick on track and is horrible to drive on the road. I plan to just stick some decent pads and fluid on it, run it on cheap durable tyres and have some fun with it. Hiya fella, I had is for 5 years, good solid car, cheap to run and service. I never tracked the car. The arches are rolled as STD, not sure if you know this or not. TBH I would prob make a great track car. As far as I know it was the E30 is that got the mtec bits as standard with the bigger struts and brakes from the i sport, not sure about lightweight glass though.

    Slipper was an option. E36 is will be a giggle on the track - certainly not the quickest but with a few, cheap mods you'll have lots of rwd fun! Gillet posts months. Oh i forgot that its an Auto so need to convert it to manual at some point, that'll be an interesting job.

    I hope it'll make an awesome track car, I know its massively underpowered, but strip it out and it should make for some RWD goodness. Edited by Gillet on Friday 20th August Steve Evil 9, posts months. Kawasicki 5, posts months. I have driven both the E30 and the E36 is on tracks and they are both great track cars. Get fresh fully synth oil and new recommended spec.

    The E36 is a well balanced, agile car. They can be driven in nice controlled 4 wheel drifts, or fairly lairy fun and slow oversteer. Drivetrains are tough, you will find out the weak points on your own particular car after a couple of track days, but get the engine freshly serviced and it should survive a long time.

    I had a E36 is which I used to drive when the engine bouncing against the limiter in top gear for tank after tank of petrol. A good friend of mine simply upped the rev limit of his is to rpm and did hundreds of laps of the Nurburgring with the thing sounding and feeling like it was about to explode, which it finally did. For brakes, look what production based racers are using and copy them, usually a pad change will do the trick, but it depends on the track you drive.

    Don't let anyone dis your car either, anyone who thinks you need 6 cylinders to go quickly isn't worth listening to. NickXX 1, posts months. I run an e36 iS as a track car. It is a great car on the track. There is a lot of interior and sound deadening that can be removed to get the weight down. The brakes are good, as the e36 coupe shares brakes across the range from iS to i. It has raised the rev limit from 6, to 6,rpm the engine is supposedly safe up to 7, , and given it a bit more oomph across the rev range.

    My Modified BMW E36 318is Review - SHIFT & RHD

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